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Switching/guidance between different ports at the same wavelength.
NOTE: The term 'duplexer' is frequently used to mean different things. Sometimes it can be unclear what the difference between a diplexer and a duplexer is, or both terms may be used as synonyms. The nomenclature applied here is that the duplexer switches / guides energy at the same frequency/wavelength of the radiation, while the diplexer switches / guides energy at different frequencies.

In addition to many other potential applications, the typical duplex operation in RF systems is the guidance of relatively high-power transmitter energy to an antenna (whilst protecting/isolating the corresponding receiver system) and the guidance of relatively low power reception energy to the receiver system with a time-delayed signal echo (while isolating the transmitter system) (semi-duplex operation).
The major issue is the guidance/isolation aspect. Depending on the operating conditions, this can be realized by either passive and time-delayed switching devices (branch duplexer, balanced duplexer or pin-diode duplexer (see also:"http://www.radartutorial.de/06.antennas/Sende-%20Empfangsweiche.de.html" or "http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplexer") or passive directional (but non-switching) components (suitable for full duplex operation). These can be realized under limited conditions using e.g., circulators (or cascades of these), hybrid rings/rat-race couplers or orthomode transducers (also called polarization duplexers).
The first examples are complex and require dedicated engineering activities. They have to be closely attuned to the design system and are therefore not supplied by MIWEKO. For exceptional cases or components, please give us a call and we will do our best to support you.
However, passive directional components which enable simultaneous operation of transmitter and receiver signals are supplied by MIWEKO. Please refer to the respective components.




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