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Components/systems (1 to 110 GHz) (active waveguide components)


The waveguide switch toggles between two or multiple channels in order e.g., to join multiple transmissions with a single antenna branch or vice versa. Realized as a switching matrix, it can group a set of complex subsystems to extend their deployment range at system level.
It is rarely a mechanical switching device, but more typically an electrical device. As the switching event takes a few milliseconds, this would in most cases be too long to act as a duplexer.
You are free to select the waveguide size and flange configuration.

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Complex waveguide component

The list of complex waveguide components includes items that are very rarely requested by customers.
However, MIWEKO can look for these components on request.

  • Traveling wave tubes (TWT) are wideband low-noise amplifiers that can be deployed both in the transmission and the receiving path. Amplification can reach up to 40 dB. TWT bandwidth can be above one octave; TWT designs have been realized at frequencies from 0.3 to 50 GHz.
    Other solutions include klystrons or cross field amplifiers (CFA).
  • Mixers with waveguide technology can be realized by assemblies of couplers, local oscillators and adequate signal filtering in order to separate e.g., the desired difference signal from the unwanted sum-frequency, initial probe signal and the oscillator fundamental frequency.
    Just selecting the appropriate oscillator frequency compared to the probe (signal to be analyzed) frequency is a good way to upgrade or downgrade the probe signal to a frequency range appropriate for your analysis system.http://www.learn-about-electronics.com/mixer.html


If you know precisely what your objective is, but are uncertain of the most appropriate subsystem for your requirements, just select “Other” on the RFI and detail the "Operational objective". We will contact you immediately to consult.

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