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Waveguide products

The waveguide product range is structured into five major groups (all detailed below), starting with waveguide tubing material and finishing with complex waveguide sub-systems and maintenance.
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Waveguide tubes (supplied by the meter)

The waveguide tubing supplied by MIWEKO includes tubes in the classic rectangular shape but also in the double ridge and Doppler format. Both rigid and flexible tubes can be ordered in a wide range of waveguide sizes. The choice of material depends on your application and environmental conditions. The flexibility in selecting waveguides enables you to tailor the most appropriate system configuration. MIWEKO is keen to assist you in case you have any doubts or questions regarding your choice.

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Active waveguide components

  • Phase shifter
  • Stub tuners
  • TWT
  • Mixers
  • Monopulse comparators
  • Other

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Precision electroforming components (up to 850 GHz)

Electroforming is an alternative manufacturing method used where conventional machining fails due to e.g. the spatial complexity of structures or if the mechanical structure is sensitive to harsh machining environments.
This might be required specifically for very small horn antennae, or feed horns. Sometimes tapers form impedance matching transitions on geometries that are very difficult for a normal machining process.
General electroforming is subject to very few restrictions with respect to a particular geometry or material thickness, and achieves outstanding accuracy/tolerances.
If you feel this technology is a viable alternative for your system, simply enter a comment accordingly in the respective component RFI.

Complex subsystems
(assemblies of passive or active components or combinations of both, even with links to coax components)

Any of the above components can be assembled into a more or less complex sub-system or system. It might start with a simple or complex waveguide run and end with a functional assembly that connects e.g., your coax generator/receiver system with the corresponding antenna system, thereby merging all functions i.e., protection, filtering, duplexing, etc. into one integrated design.
MIWEKO will always act as a consulting partner. The design decisions will always remain completely in your hands.
Please do not hesitate to contact us; we’ll get back to you immediately, even if your request is not very specific.

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Waveguide maintenance/Monitoring

  • Dehydrators

The systems monitor the airflow constantly, with multiple channels on demand, as well as the appropriate pressurization level. Any leaks become immediately identifiable when the pressure in the system drops and can be the subject of a corresponding alarm concept.

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