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Power amplifier & low noise amplifier (up to 40 GHz)

The MIWEKO amplifier range encompasses all RF and microwave technology task areas. Whether you are looking for low noise amplifiers for "clean" low-level signal boosting in the reception path or high power amplifiers for generating the RF signal in the transmission path ... you will find it with us.
A differentiation must be made here between
- amplifier modules for installation in higher level systems, and
- amplifier systems for operation in EMC labs, for example.
A plethora of standard components is available for both component types, but our partners are more than ready to prepare wide-ranging customer-specific adjustments for you if you desire.

For the LNA application our modules achieve a typical noise figure of 1dB with a linearity on the power output of up to 10 dBm (10 mW). Their amplification (gain) of up to 30 dB means that they are extremely sensitive.
In the same power class there are also amplifiers with a noise figure of 2.5 up to maximum 4.5 which is considerably less than LNA, but also much more economical. Your project requirements will determine the correct selection of components.

In the medium power class of the coax amplifiers you will find modules with up to 10 W output power and absolutely comparable performance values compared to the standard RF amplifiers of the low-level signal amplifiers. The coaxial amplifier modules of the medium power class are available as narrow band, broadband and octave band amplifiers. Temperature-stabilized RF amplifiers are also available in the same category. The "limiting amplifier" is a special type of amplifier, whose input dynamic range goes from -65 dBm to +10 dBm.
The RF amplifiers of the above mentioned categories are typically available in the frequency range up to 18 GHz.

The high power RF/microwave amplifier modules cover the same frequency range and have output powers of up to 250 W (forerunner is a module with 300 W @ 1 to 100 MHz).

The amplifier systems are very much available as desk top devices or in the 19" rack form and have output powers of up to 2.5 kW (even higher powers are also possible, however must be specially requested). The frequency range reaches 40 GHz.









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