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Waveguide components

MIWEKO's offering is ranging from raw materials (tubes) and installation materials (flanges, gaskets, shims, etc.), to ready-to-install components (couplers, filters, switches, rotary joints, etc.), all the way through to complex pre-assembled and calibrated waveguide systems (or sub-systems).

The typical waveguide application is associated with high power dynamics, minimum loss and low noise RF/HF signal transfer. The signal chain comprises various elements, which can be used to tailor the desired functional chain by, e.g. merging or separating the high-power transmission path with/from the low-power receiving path, or by simply adjusting the power to a desired level, e.g. to a given frequency band. 

In order to maximize the dynamic range of these systems, many specialized elements (e.g. amplifiers, filters, couplers etc.) are required, all of which can be supplied by MIWEKO.

The tubing materials for waveguide assemblies come in a number of shapes: rectangular, circular or elliptical. 

In practice the benefits offered by waveguide systems (compared to coax systems) are at their most effective at frequencies higher than 1 GHz. 

The main advantage is that waveguides support propagation with low loss on extreme power dynamics. 

E.g. the high-power transmission path of a long-range radar system can be the same as the low-power reception path of this same system. The distinction is made between signal generation and signal detection, while the bidirectional emission and reception to and from the antenna system is realized on identical hardware.

In other applications, e.g. telecommunications, the transmitter at one location will operate at minimum power, while the receiver at the other location will make do with this low power level.

The applied power level depends heavily on the objective of the application. What matters most is the system's ability to isolate/separate the useful signal from the electromagnetic background, or to apply the appropriate power level to trigger the desired reaction in a given situation.

The electrical and magnetic fields are equal to zero on metal surfaces. Therefore, these fields are confined to the space within the waveguide walls. 

Also, the electromagnetic fields are completely contained inside the waveguide, which is therefore completely shielded. For both sides this results in good immunity, even with weak signals.

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