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MIWEKO gives you added value

MIWEKO is committed to its role as a consultant supplier for one-off design events, as well as for series development.
Both we and our partners are eager to supply cost-effective solutions with minimum lead times. Optimally this is realized with off-the-shelf products, but customized solutions will also be offered where appropriate. MIWEKO's product portfolio comprises three major groups:


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Product range

   Waveguide components

MIWEKO's offering is exhaustive and includes traditional and high-end waveguide components, ranging from raw materials (tubes) and installation materials (flanges, gaskets, shims, etc.), to ready-to-install components (couplers, filters, switches, rotary joints, etc.), all the way through to complex pre-assembled and calibrated waveguide systems (or sub-systems). We also help you in the specific qualification of components or sub-systems and provide on-site support if required. Whatever your needs, MIWEKO will provide the right support.



We also supply a huge variety of passive and active coax components, starting with cabling, switches, filters, terminations, couplers, oscillators, low noise or power amplifiers, etc., right through to sensors/probes, monitoring systems and pre-assembled sub-systems. MIWEKO also provides all items required to interface between typically high-power/low-noise waveguide front-end design and the complex generation/analysis coax back-end systems. For each and every one of these items MIWEKO delivers off-the-shelf products in the shortest time possible, and provides full customization support, where needed.



The instruments category includes all components used for measuring, monitoring, recording, analyzing and issuing notifications on any RF or microwave system or sub-system. The range starts with:

  • Power measurement modules (directional/non-directional)
  • Complex multi-channel power monitoring systems with strong remote surveillance capabilities
  • Field approved and handheld antenna/cable testing
  • Handheld, PC-controlled or 19" rack-mounted spectrum & vector network analyzers


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