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Coax switches (DC to 40 GHz)

Coax switches are available in different versions and for indoors and outdoors. They are provided in retail outlets as antenna switches, RF switches or coax manual switches. They are operated digitally, discretely or manually.
Electronically controlled switches, such as SPDT up to SP18T series switches or switching matrices can be offered. Mechanical designs are predominantly used when the power losses must be kept as low as possible.
Compared with waveguide switches, coax switches typically have a far shorter switching time. Coax switches are also considerably more cost-effective because of their much simpler structure.
In terms of switch types, Single-Port-Double-Trough (SPDT) up to SP18T are available as compact switches. More complex switching matrices can, however, also be provided.
The switch types differ according to:
- Failsafe (with loss of the control signal the switch goes back to a defined switching position)
- Latching (with loss of the control signal the switch remains in its current switching position)
- Normally open (with loss of the control signal the switch opens all connections)
- The transfer switch is a special coax switch. It works like an intermediate switch and switches between an input port 1 and output port 1 to input port 2 and output port 2.

Configured as a switching matrix, complex switching logics can also be set up, into which additional functions can be integrated with customer-specific adjustments. This could be, for example, integrated safety terminations, amplifiers, power elements, programmable attenuators, etc., which, unlike offset assemblies, require their own installation environment.
Typically these matrices are SW configurable via own control units, LAN or USB port.

In principle, the coax switches in the MIWEKO product range must only be switched when they are load-free, i.e. the useful signal is not on the switch when the switchover is made.
Should your system requirements differ from those given here, please get in touch.






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We also supply a huge variety of passive and active coax components.
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