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Isolators & circulators (0.15 to 40 GHz)

Circulators can be operated with a duplexer or isolator function.
A three port circulator, for example, is designed to enable transmission from port 1 (typically the transmitter line) to port 2 (typically the antenna line) in one direction (while port 3 is closed) and to enable transmission from port 2 to port 3 (typically the receiver or protection line) in the other direction (while port 2 is closed).
Just by connecting port 3 to the receiver system the circulator is operated as a duplexer; terminating port 2 with an impedance matched load turns the circulator into an isolator. Please note that operation as a duplexer is limited by power rating, as specified by the limits for the isolation between port 1 and port 3.
For coax circulators MIWEKO works exclusively with our partner Quest, a company that combines high end circulators with many years of experience in this technical area, and is also extremely flexible in supporting customization projects.
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Waveguide Components

Traditional and high-end waveguide components. In an existing design approach, customized or even new design solutions - we support any of your specific development or qualification project.

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RF Components

We also supply a huge variety of passive and active coax components.
For each and every one of these items MIWEKO delivers off-the-shelf products in the shortest time possible, or provides full customization support, where needed.



The instruments category includes all components used for measuring, monitoring, recording, analyzing and issuing notifications on any RF or microwave system or sub-system.


Medical technology

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Satellite communications

Mobile communications

Radar technology

Defense technology

Measurement technology

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Junflon MWX6 Series

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SMD-Bandpassfilter 10,3 GHz

Analog Microwave Design (AMD) has developed a new SMD-Bandpassfilter for 10,3 GHz

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BW: 400 MHz

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